export interface GuildEditOptions
export interface GuildEditOptions
The data for editing a guild.
The AFK channel of the guild
The AFK timeout of the guild
defaultMessageNotifications?:GuildDefaultMessageNotifications | null
The default message notification level of the guild
description?:string | null
The discovery description of the guild
The discovery splash image of the guild
explicitContentFilter?:GuildExplicitContentFilter | null
The level of the explicit content filter
The features of the guild
The icon of the guild
The name of the guild
The owner of the guild
preferredLocale?:Locale | null
The preferred locale of the guild
Whether the guild's premium progress bar is enabled
publicUpdatesChannel?:TextChannelResolvable | null
The community updates channel of the guild
Reason for editing this guild
rulesChannel?:TextChannelResolvable | null
The rules channel of the guild
safetyAlertsChannel?:TextChannelResolvable | null
The safety alerts channel of the guild
The invite splash image of the guild
systemChannel?:TextChannelResolvable | null
The system channel of the guild
The system channel flags of the guild
verificationLevel?:GuildVerificationLevel | null
The verification level of the guild