interface PartialRoleData


export interface PartialRoleData extends RoleData

Partial data for a Role.

The color of the role, either a hex string or a base 10 number

hoist : boolean

Whether the role should be hoisted

The icon for the role The EmojiResolvable should belong to the same guild as the role. If not, pass the emoji's URL directly

Inherited from: RoleData

id? : Snowflake | number

The role's id, used to set channel overrides. This is a placeholder and will be replaced by the API after consumption

mentionable : boolean

Whether the role should be mentionable

name : string

The name of the role

permissions : PermissionResolvable

The permissions of the role

position : number

The position of the role

unicodeEmoji? : string | null

The unicode emoji for the role

Inherited from: RoleData