class EntitlementManager

export class EntitlementManager extends CachedManager<Snowflake, Entitlement, EntitlementResolvable>

Manages API methods for entitlements and stores their cache.

cache : Collection<Key, Holds>

The cache of items for this manager.

Inherited from: DataManager

client : Client

The client that instantiated this Manager

Inherited from: BaseManager

holds : Constructable<Holds>

The data structure belonging to this manager.

Inherited from: DataManager

entitlementId: Snowflake
) : Promise<void>

Marks an entitlement as consumed Only available for One-Time Purchase consumable SKUs.

Creates a test entitlement

deleteTest() : Promise<void>

Deletes a test entitlement

Fetches entitlements for this application

idOrInstance: Holds
) : Holds

Resolves a data entry to a data Object.

Returns: An instance from this Manager

idOrInstance: Key | Holds
) : Key

Resolves a data entry to an instance id.

valueOf() : Collection<Key, Holds>

Inherited from: DataManager