class Integration


export class Integration extends Base

Represents a guild integration.

The account integration information

The application for this integration

client : Client<true>

The client that instantiated this

Inherited from: Base

enabled : boolean | null

Whether this integration is enabled

enableEmoticons : boolean | null

Whether emoticons should be synced for this integration (twitch only currently)

expireBehavior : IntegrationExpireBehavior | null

The behavior of expiring subscribers

expireGracePeriod : number | null

The grace period (in days) before expiring subscribers

guild : Guild

The guild this integration belongs to

The integration id

name : string

The integration name

revoked : boolean | null

Whether this integration has been revoked

role : Role | null

The role that this integration uses for subscribers

roles : Collection<Snowflake, Role>

All roles that are managed by this integration

scopes : OAuth2Scopes[]

The scopes this application has been authorized for

subscriberCount : number | null

How many subscribers this integration has

syncedAt : Date | null

The date at which this integration was last synced at

syncedTimestamp : number | null

The timestamp at which this integration was last synced at

syncing : boolean | null

Whether this integration is syncing

The integration type

user : User | null

The user for this integration

reason?: string
) : Promise<Integration>

Deletes this integration.

...props: Record<string, boolean | string>[]
) : unknown

Inherited from: Base

valueOf() : string

Inherited from: Base